Construction Management

Our company undertakes the management of all procedures provided by undertaking a Public Project, the signing of the contract up to the final acceptance of this at any point of Greece this might be located.

With many years of relevant experience, with executives having successfully manage many public contracts by simple construction, plumbing, H / M and road projects to complex projects large budgets, while having the necessary knowledge of the legislation governing public procurement performances in most of the interests of each Contractor.

Indicative Services Provided

Additional Services

  • Contacts with the relevant technical service
  • Supervision of construction
  • Safety & Health Services
(In office Technical Security, Security Coordinator, Occupational Physician)

Possibilities Settlement

The agreed fee, which is formed by project, determined either:

  • as a certain percentage of the conventional budget
  • as a flat-rate charge
  • as remuneration for the time duration of the project until the final receipt.

The performance is in proportion to the progress of the project and to the payment of each account day the amount of disbursement.

Therefore the Contractor does not burden the
financial liquidity of the company.

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