1. During the conception stage, the study processing and preparation must be taken into account by researchers, in collaboration with the developer:

i the general principles of prevention in health and safety,

ii plan and the Safety and Health Record to be prepared in parallel with the design of the project.

2. Before beginning work on a site prepared the Health and Safety Plan (HSP) is prepared and the Health and Safety File (HSF) is drawn up.

3. Moderators are defined for the Safety and Health in the preparation of project planning and project execution.

Basic requirements for the Project and Folder Security and Health

The HSP and HSF are prepared before the start of the construction site. The developer is obliged to ensure that the contractors, that the designer and / or the supervisor and / or the contractor, ensure the preparation of HSP and HSF training before starting work. The Coordinator for Safety and Health at the stage of preparation of the project study prepares the elaboration of OSA and either prepares or adapt s the HSF

1/ OSA is the instrument of prevention of occupational risks in the execution of the project and the construction work. OSAS is prepared specifically for each project, describes the main features of the project and determines the measures to be applied for the prevention and management of risks that may occur during the execution of the project and the worksite risks in relation to safety and health issues.

The basic elements of an OSA are:

  1. Tasks: defined and named jobs, per activity. Work must be analyzed for every project execution phase.
  2. Risks: The risks of each task and activity must be identified and recorded along with risks from other activities and tasks
  3. Spatial and temporal distribution of jobs per activity
  4. Measures to prevent or minimize risks
  5. Health and Safety at work requirements.

2/ The Health and Safety File (HSF) is the risk prevention tool for the future life of each construction project. The HSF contains information with respect to any subsequent works throughout the life of the project, for example, additions / modifications, ordinary or extraordinary maintenance work and / or demolition project.

The key elements of HSF are:

i. Revised construction project plans / building as constructed including floor plans, views and sections.
ii. Revised wiring diagrams of electrical installation
iii. Revised drafts of air conditioning systems and other mechanical facilities.
iv. Plans and information for other equipment and systems that will be installed or installed.
v. Information on materials and especially materials that may pose health risks.
vi. Measures available for the secure and safe conduct of future tactical operations or extraordinary maintenance or additions / modifications.
vii. Manuals of the equipment and the building / project systems.

Security Coordinator

At the site where one or more crews are present, one or more coordinators for safety and health matters during both the preparation of project design and during its execution is defined. (Presidential Decree 305/1996).

The qualifications and the level of knowledge of Coordinator for safety and health, as well as the employment of time in any business, is defined by law (Presidential Decree 305/1996, Presidential Decree 294/1988).
The Coordinator in developing the project design should:

  • Coordinate the implementation of the general principles of prevention in health and safety.
  • Prepare or delegate training Health & Safety Plan (HSP).
  • Establish the Health & Safety File (HSF).