Safety & Health

The EX.Y.P.P. Tzovaras HSQE Engineering has years of experience in the Health and Safety at work provides for any kind of business, industry or construction site comprehensive and reliable services such as:

  • Safety Officer
  • Coordinator Security Services
  • Services Health and Safety Advisor
  • Consulting Services Environmental Management
  • Occupational Physician
  • Preparation Health and Safety Plan (HSP)
  • Preparation Safety and Health File (HSF)
  • Development and implementation of Health and Safety Management System at Work (SODYAE) in OHSAS 18001/2007, 1801/2008 CC
  • Elaboration Written Occupational Risk Assessment (RiskAssessment)
  • Conduct safety training on general and specific issues
  • Conducting Security Audits (SafetyAudits)
  • Measurements of physical and chemical factors
  • HR Support Programs and Work Stress Response
  • Engineering Installation Operation Services
  • Predictive Maintenance


Every business and every employee should know that the effects of an accident concern:

  • the loss of human life
  • the heavy injury
  • moral, ethical and economic losses for both the victim's family, and for the company which shall meet with criminal liability


Our company is to act as a shield, for the worker integrity, as well as business interests by providing superior service to its customers, ensuring to meet their needs and their expectations from working with a company EX.Y.P.P..

The EX.Y.P.P. Tzovaras HSQE Engineering shall have internal procedures to ensure:

  • checking the quality of service
  • identifying the specific needs of each company
  • continuing education and scientific excellence of our partners
  • the degree of control of customer satisfaction
  • continuous supervision and support all our ongoing project
  • full information to the customer on the '' identity '' Safety & Health of the business with Reports, Statistical Analyses and Evaluations.