Definitions of Key Terms:

Security Technician

All businesses, farms and jobs in the private and public sector, regardless of economic activity employing even one worker, have the obligation to employ Safety Technician (N. 3850/2010).

The qualifications and the level of knowledge of the Technical Safety and working time of each undertaking, is determined by legislation (Law. 3850/2010, Presidential Decree 294/1988).

According to the relevant legislation "the TA provides the employer suggestions and advice, in writing or orally, on topics related to health and safety at work and prevention of accidents."

The Employer must be informed by signing written instructions of the TA recorded in a specialized, certified and countersigned by the competent Labour Inspectorate, Book of Written Recommendations.

The work of the Technical Safety has an advisory and audit character, and obligations do not affect the principle of employer responsibility.

Specifically, the Technical Safety Inspector:

  • Provides information, advice, instruction and guidance on Safety and Health of Work (OSH) to the employer at the company and the heads of departments, employees (especially in each or in groups) and the Committee on Health and Safety of Workers ( PHSC) or their representative.
  • Inspects jobs, oversees the implementation of the protection of health of workers and accident prevention measures and dangerous occurrences.
  • Prepares - edits the Assessment Study of Occupational Risk (MEEK), in accordance with the applicable provisions.
  • Ensures that the workers in the company comply with health and safety rules of work, inform them and guides them to avoid the risks involved in their job.
  • Participates in the preparation and implementation of worker training programs in OSH issues.
  • Is informed by the employer for new tools, materials, equipment, facilities and procedures that may affect the health and safety of employees and provides advice before opting for installation and operation.
  • Ensures that measurements are factors in the work environment in order to propose appropriate measures.
  • Gives advise on the correct choice and supervises the proper use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Collaborates with PHSC and participates in its meetings.

The Safety Technician (TA) is obliged to work with the Labour Doctor (IE) and the workers' representative, has moral independence from employers and employees in the performance of his work, and has an obligation to keep business secrets.

Health & Safety Coordinator

At the site where where more than one crew is present, one or more coordinators for safety and health matters during both the preparation of project design and during its execution should be defined. (Presidential Decree 305/1996)

The qualifications and the level of knowledge of the Coordinator for safety and health, as well as the time of employment in any business, is defined by law (Presidential Decree 305/1996, Presidential Decree 294/1988).

Coordinator during the execution of the project will:

  • Coordinate the implementation of the general principles of prevention in health and safety.
  • Coordinate the implementation of the relevant provisions ensuring that contractors and subcontractors and, if necessary, the self-employed apply consistently to the principles of prevention and OSA.
  • Adjust or arrange to adjust the HSP and HSF.
  • Organizes together with the Technical Safety and Work Doctor cooperation between contractors and subcontractors (and those that succeed one another) and the coordination of activities for the protection of workers and the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases, and their mutual information where several undertakings share a workplace.
  • Coordinate the supervision of the proper implementation of work processes.
  • Take the necessary measures to allow entrance to the site only to people who have a permit.
  • Work with the Technical Safety and Work Doctor throughout the duration of employment at the site and ask their opinion when it deems necessary.

The Health and Safety Coordinator may be assigned to the work and responsibilities of the Technical Safety (TA).

Occupational Physician

Businesses that employ 50 or more employees or those with even one employee if their work is related to lead, asbestos, biological agents, carcinogens (Presidential Decree. 94/87, Presidential Decree. 70a / 88 pd.186 / 95 Presidential Decree. 399/94) should have an occupational physician.

The occupational physician provides hints and tips to the employer, workers and their representatives, whether written or oral, relating to measures to be taken for the physical and mental health of workers. These written instructions working doctor record in a special book. The employer becomes aware of the signed instructions recorded in this book.

Required Safety Measures at Construction Sites