Quality policy

In Tzovaras HSQE Engineering has become aware to staff, partners and the Administration, that the quality is the goal.

The System support for quality, by all members of the company, are universal and conscious, so the quality can be the determining factor when making decisions.

With the implementation of the Quality Management System, the company's management is committed to:

  • The satisfaction of customer requirements>
  • Meet legal and regulatory requirements governing its services
  • Providing high quality services
  • Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System
  • The elimination of accidents and incidents.

To achieve these commitments, the Company's management provides the necessary resources and take the necessary steps so that:

  • The company's personnel have a clear knowledge of the importance placed on meeting customer requirements
  • The Management of Health and Safety at Work,
  • To ensure continuous performance improvement and continuous updating & staff awareness on matters relating to the Health and Safety at work, analyzing and developing working practices, working conditions, modernization of equipment, staff training etc.
  • The system to be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness
  • Specific, measurable and achievable objectives to be adopted on an annual basis, the implementation of which should be a commitment to the company and commitment of the staff
  • This quality policy is reviewed at regular intervals
  • This quality policy is communicated throughout the company staff

The determining factor for the achievement of quality objectives is considered the active participation and contribution of all staff and the company's partners.