In the Industrial sector it is common to see expansion of facilities, reconstruction or maintenance thereof. In these cases, operations are carried out mainly by a contractor and subcontractors if this object is dispersed or directly-contracted subcontractors companies.

All those involved in the project have the obligation of legislative requirements for Safety & Health, in regards to Technical Security Coordinator Security if subcontractors exist, notification and implementation of Occupational Risk Assessment Study, compliance with the design process and Safety & Health Record .

The company itself, as Main Project in such cases must ensure compliance in Health & Safety of all involved in the project.

The EX.Y.P.P. Tzovaras HSQE Engineering provides such undertakings the Security Advisor service, which is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Review of the Safety & Health system of the company.
  • Harmonizing procedures with existing enterprise management systems.
  • Checking existence of all required legal documents / licenses involved as provided by the applicable Health & Safety at work laws.
  • Supervision of the work in the area of ​​responsibility.
  • Control training personnel, training organization in cooperation with the Technical Security contractors.
  • Editors Health & Safety reports to the management of the enterprise.