Public Organizations

In public organizations to ensure the safety and health of workers must be a primary and basic care. Given the many different structures that can coexist in one body (eg municipality) experience and expertise is required for the proper provision of Technical Security Services.

Part of the basic obligations laid down by the legislation are the following:

  1. Wear Technical Security Services (TD), and Occupational Physician (IE) (Article 8 of Law. 3850/2010).
  2. Compliance with specific instructions book of TA and IE (no. 14 N. 3850/2010).
  3. Keeping specific accidents book (art. 43, para. 2b, N. 3850/2010).
  4. Prepare a written assessment of current risks to safety and health, the TA and IE. (No. 43, para. 1, of Law. 3850/2010).
  5. Keeping lists of workers exposed to dangerous agents - physical, chemical and biological (art. 38, para. 3e, N.3850 / 2010).
  6. Employees' health and performing medical examinations to workers exposed to agents (Nos. 18 & 39 N.3850 / 2010 and MD 53361/2006 (Government Gazette 1503 / B / 10.11.2006).
  7. Information, appropriate and adequate training of workers for safety and health (Nos. 47 & 48, N. 3850/2010).
  8. Provision of Personal Protective Equipment (Article 38, para. 2d of the Law. 3850/2010 and 53361/2006 HY) and overseeing their proper application (no. 42, par.6g, N. 3850/2010).
  9. Maintenance and monitoring the safe operation of facilities and installations (art. 42, para. 6f, Law 3850/2010).
  10. Keeping a preventive inspection and maintenance booklet of each machine (no. 4, par. I, para. 2.20, Presidential Decree 395/94 as amended by Presidential Decree 89/99 and Presidential Decree 304/2000 ).

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