Predictive Maintenance

In EX.Y.P.P Tzovaras HSQE Engineering we stress prevention, not only in the Health & Safety sector, but also in all the factors that may directly or straightly affect prevention.

A key tool in this direction is the Predictive Maintenance of a company's equipment.

The purpose of preventive maintenance is prediction of the repair or maintenance before the emergence of serious problems or injuries appear.

This particular maintenance method is based on the use of measurement and control systems (temperature measurement, noise, vibration, oil analysis and corrosion) that allow the effective diagnosis of the actual physical condition of the equipment while it is in operation, in order to detect possible causes of future failures.
When one or more of these indicators reach a predetermined deterioration level, the maintenance department is alerted in order to restore the desired condition for the equipment. Thus the equipment is taken out of operation only when there is evidence that there is a deterioration of his condition.


  • Maximum utilization of the equipment and increase productive time because the major tests are performed in operation.
  • Increase the availability and the lifetime of the equipment, thereby reducing the cost of operation.
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to reduced consumption of spare parts which exhaust their lifespan.
  • Reducing unnecessary maintenance.
  • Minimize the probability of accidents due to increased security and reliability of the equipment.
  • Savings through the reduction of stocks of spare parts optimized warehouse management.
  • Reduce recovery costs because the equipment is out of order before more serious and costly damages occur.
  • A database with the history of the equipment which allows the analysis of the causes and failures is created, in order to determine actions for optimal utilization.
  • The number of overtime hours drastically are reduced and the maintenance department employed based on the and program and not due to unexpected failures. This advantage greatly insure savings.


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