Supervision Engineer Operation

The EX.Y.P.P. Tzovaras HSQE Engineering provides engineering services Supervision Operation & Maintenance in those industries whose operating license is required on legislation (V.D.16-3-50,24-11-53, Presidential Decree 902/75) .

The Supervision Engineer Operation & Maintenance is responsible for the task of technical supervision of the proper operation and maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipment and technical installations of the enterprise and for the reception and maintenance of safety measures.

As part of its responsibilities, it informs the specialist "Book of monitoring the proper operation and maintenance of electromechanical equipment" which records all maintenance and observations which the employer must apply. The working time of the Engineering Supervision is not defined by legislation. The frequency of its presence is determined in consultation with the company, according to its and the business sector’s needs and the size of the equipment.

The Supervision Engineer Operation & Maintenance:

  • Monitors the operation of the plant and equipment as well as spare and detects when there is a need for technical intervention, inspect machinery, perform physical and technical epopteiakai performs measurements, informed the problems, systematize information and draft special kaiypodeixeis instructions instructions.
  • Performs the necessary handling practices for the proper functioning of the establisments..
  • Coordinates the execution of technical interventions and trial tests.
  • Performs a preventive maintenance program.
  • Studys the technical documentation (manuals, instructions, drawings) of equipment that is his responsibility and ensures the updating of the maintenance system so that it complies with the prescribed.
  • Inform in writing their superiors or business of possible intervention proposals for improvement or construction which could increase safety and efficiency of the establishment and equipment.
  • Cares for the acquisition and preservation of explicit and tacit knowledge and trains technical personnel.
  • Ensures the implementation of safety and health program at the level of its responsibility, submits proposals in writing to the Technical Security for additional measures for the fulfilment of safety of facilities and human resources.